Using Social Media Influencers for your E-Commerce Business

If you’re a brand manager, chances are you already know what influencers are. But that’s not why you’re here, isn’t it? You’re here because you want to learn how to effectively leverage the use of influencers for your business. Well, we’re happy to tell you that we know exactly how to help you.

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The Age of Influencers
First, let’s start off with the definition of an influencer. An influencer is an individual or group of individuals who have the ability to influence a larger group of people’s behavior such as purchase a product. Just from here you can see how powerful influencers can be for your brand if used the right way. According to a study by Forbes, audiences that were exposed to influencer content spent $639,000 more as compared to audiences that weren’t. That’s a lot of influence.

Why Are Influencers So Effective?
To know how to leverage influencers, we must understand them. There are a number of reasons as to why influencers have so much…well, influence. However, we think there’s one reason that trumps all others and that is called authenticity.

These influencers are usually successful in a specific field whether it be cosmetics, fitness, or cooking. Since these influencers were able to build a following based on community and trust, their content and message becomes authentic. When a fitness influencer recommends a specific brand of protein supplement, chances are you’re more likely to believe her compared to watching the brand’s TV commercial. Why? Because you trust this influencer and believe that if it worked for them, it must work for me.

Perception of Ads
The reason for this behavior is most probably based on the public’s perception of ads. Based on a study by eMarketer, almost 70 million people in the USA use ad blocker software. That in itself is enough to safely conclude that people don’t trust ads. Which leads us to our next topic.

Leveraging Influencers For Your Business

  • Know Your Market
    To be able to effectively use an influencer, you need to know your market. What type of people are you trying to reach? Are trying to reach make-up enthusiasts, soon-to-be mothers, or fitness junkies? Knowing your target market will make it much easier for you to select the right influencer for maximum effectiveness.
  • Know our Influencer
    Once you know your target market, start doing some research! There are different available tools out there to find out which people have the largest followings on different social media platforms but if you’re hard-working enough you can do it with only an internet connection. Find the most influential people in a specific space whether it be fashion, art, or illustration. We’re not talking about celebrities but we’re talking about people who have a large influence on social media because of the content they produce.
  • Review Influencer Content
    To make sure you effectively use influencers, visualize how your brand will look on their feed. You want to make sure that your content is aligned with the whole theme and messaging of the influencer. If your content doesn’t stand out in a good way, it may do more harm than good for your brand. Remember: show how your consumer will benefit from your product or service through the influencer.

Start Working
There you have it! It’s a new age and that means there are new ways to do business. Influencers offer a new and creative way for brands to reach customers and that can only mean good things.