The Different Facebook Ad Formats And How To Utilize Them For Your Brand

Creating a Facebook page for your brand is always a good idea. In this ever-changing world that we currently live in, it’s vital for brands to adapt to the ways consumers behave and we all know that everything’s going digital. From interactions, delivery services, and even relationships, it’s clear and evident that the internet is here to stay –which was news probably a decade ago.


Achieving Objectives

If you’re new to the digital game, then one of the first things you need to do is learn the different ad formats that Facebook offers. By knowing these ad formats, you’ll be able to know which ones to use in order to achieve your objectives and this is vital in coming up with an effective strategy. Now that you know why ad formats are important, let’s explore their differences and how they can help your brand.


NOTE: Keep in mind that each content format has specific dimensions and that you should adhere to them for quality content.



The most basic and common ad format used on Facebook is of course, the timeless Photo. While it may seem easy to craft this type of content, be prepared because it’s not. First, you need to know what your objective is and a photo is most effective when your objectives are the following: Reach, Engagement, Awareness, Page Likes, Event Invites, and App Installs. Next is to make sure your content is crafted in a consistent way that fits well with your brand and is something your customers can immediately recognize as your own. This goes for all types of content.



This ad format is best used when you’re telling a story since a video is very visual and gives you the opportunity to send a message a photo can’t otherwise. It achieves the same objectives as a photo but it serves a greater purpose of introducing your brand with an impact. There are various factors that contribute to a success such as is its thumb-stopping ability. You need to ensure that the first 5 seconds captures your audience immediately so that people don’t just scroll past it.



The carousel ad format offers a lot of room for creativity. It gives you up to 10 photos or videos within a single ad and that’s what makes it so special. If you’re looking to utilize this format then your objectives should be one of the following: Reach, Brand Awareness, Traffic, App Installs, Lead Generation, Conversions, and Catalog Sales. Remember, a strong call to action makes any ad more effective, especially a carousel ad.



A collection ad is best used if you’ve already established your brand’s presence on the digital space and you’re looking to sell your products. Through this format, customers can browse through your products via a visual experience that drives engagement and builds brand equity. Your objectives for this format should be: Traffic, Conversions, and Store Visits.


Be Digital!

Now that you’re fully aware of the different type of ad formats your brand can use on Facebook, it’s time to start strategizing on how to fully utilize them! While it’s enough to get you started, this is just a broad view about the topic and you should strongly consider finishing Facebook Blueprint to strengthen your knowledge about the platform. Start hustling and you’ll be a digital native in no time!