Hone the Skills Your Employees With These Websites

Employees make up any business and if you’ve ever owned or managed a business, you’ll know how important it is to keep them in tip-top shape –and we don’t mean the physical kind (although that can be important too). You want your employees to be at the top of their game when it comes to their skills and it doesn’t matter what kind of business you run. Whether you’re running an IT firm or a design studio, your employees need to know the latest software, tools, principles, and lessons to make them perform at a high level. Also, we’re sure your employees will want to improve as well because that’s a vital component in their career growth. It will also show that you’re willing to invest in them because you trust them to grow with the company and that you value them. In other words, hone the skills of your employees if you want to be a great business owner! Here are some websites to get you and your employees started.

css-Hone the Skills Your Employees With These Websites


Skillshare is great for learning because it has so much to offer. It covers all fields from marketing, programming, and designing just to name a few. Experts from every field offer their knowledge in the form of short video classes which any subscriber can take. Another great thing about Skillshare is that teachers encourage you to submit “homework” to evaluate your progress. So not only are you learning from the best but these teachers also make sure you keep up. While there may be a subscription fee, we find that it’s very much well worth it considering the quality of the lessons.




Coursera’s mission is to provide anyone, no matter where they are, the world’s best lessons in any chosen field. Every Course in the website is taught and offered by some of the world’s best professors and lecturers from highly esteemed universities and institutions. Not only do they offer courses, but they also offer Specializations which are more rigorous and challenging but more rewarding. Lastly, they also offer Online Degrees which can get you accredited! After completing any of these, Coursera will provide you with an online certificate for credentials. While they may be quite expensive (some Online Degrees may reach up to $25,000), it’s a great way to truly bring out the best in your employees.



What’s great about Udemy is they offer it to businesses through Udemy For Business. They aim to help your business learn and improve skills in various fields such as business, tech, and design just to name a few. They provide you access with information and content that’s relevant to the industry of your business and they even allow you to manage your team’s learning success. What’s more is that you can even create custom courses if you’re looking to improve a specific skill.


Quality Lessons

Some of the best lessons can be found online. All you need to do is look! With these online learning platforms that we have provided, hopefully you and your team will be able to grow. Employees highly appreciate it when you invest in their growth and that’s always good for business. Happy employees mean a happy workplace and a happy workplace is always good for business! And we all know good business makes everyone (especially the boss) happy.