Growing Your E-Commerce Business With Pinterest

When it comes to social media platforms, most people think of the Big 3 namely Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. While this comes as of no surprise, it makes you wonder if there’s any room at the top. An even better question to ask is, does that mean you must strictly stick to these 3 social media platforms? Every digital marketer with a decent amount of knowledge will tell you no and that is correct. Each social media platform performs very differently and provides a unique solution to a specific objective. Given this, it makes complete sense to have your brand present on these platforms but there’s one platform that’s often overlooked. It’s called Pinterest.


Defining Pinterest

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Pinterest, it’s a visual platform whose main purpose is to inform and educate. This separates itself from Instagram since Instagram is more focused on visual storytelling and mostly contains curated content. Pinterest holds infographics, tutorials, photos, and videos featuring a wide range of topics.

Now that we’ve defined Pinterest, the main question is: How does it help your e-commerce business grow?


Using Your Product The Best Way Possible

One great thing about Pinterest is the sheer amount of infographics you can find in it. Whether it’s a tutorial on how to clean your room or how to fix a car, you’ll most probably be able to find it there. People are willing to learn in the platform and this is where the opportunity lies.


By capitalising on this behavior and creating infographics or content that show your consumers how to use your product will yield qualitative results such as brand equity and brand love. This is something many business owners don’t do enough and we feel it’s vital to stress its importance.


Boards, Boards, and Boards

Pinterest urges users to organize their visual content via Boards. By creating structured and organized Boards through product category or product usage, you will be able to easily feed your consumers the best and most relevant information about your business.


Visibility Via Group Boards

Group Boards are an effective way to reach a large number of users with minimal effort. By sharing your content in Group Boards, you’ll be able to reach people who fit your target market. Remember though that in order for this to take effect, you need to make sure you’re sharing the right content with the right Group Boards.


Directly Purchase on Pinterest

This is a feature that various platforms have been doing and it’s huge for business owners. By giving consumers the opportunity to directly purchase on the app, the purchasing process is easy and efficient. All you need to do is make use of Pinterests buyable pins!


Be On The Lookout

While all these tactics are great for e-commerce business owners, you need to make sure you’re on the lookout for the latest updates on not only the app but other platforms as well. By doing this, you’re allowing yourself to stay ahead of the game and see how Pinterests future features will affect your e-commerce business. Happy posting!