Essential Podcasts for E-Commerce Business Owners

Are you new to the business world, looking to make your mark? Or are you a seasoned veteran with an impressive portfolio under his belt? Either way, there are countless business owners out there in the world who offer their advice through different mediums. Some do it through shows, movies, or books. While these platforms may get the message across, there’s a new platform on the rise –Podcasts.

Podcasts are long-form audio files that are available for listening via the internet. This form of media has increasingly found popularity among all kinds of users and while surprising to some, it’s relatively easy to see why. It offers an intimate and entertaining way of delivering content, especially if done well. To get you started we’ll share some of the best podcasts available for business owners, both young and old! Check out some of our favorites below.

Essential Podcasts for E-Commerce Business Owners

The Tim Ferriss Show

If you’re an entrepreneur and you don’t know Tim Ferriss, you better start getting to know the guy. He’s the author of the Four Hour Workweek and offers some of the most valuable insight any business owner can get. He also features some of the world’s best performing individuals on his show and is one of the reasons why the show is so relatable. To get you started, we suggest listening to his episode which features Jamie Foxx as it is both funny and insightful.


Freakonomics Radio

Another great podcast to listen to is Freakonomics Radio. Similar to its book counterpart Freakonomics, it explores the hidden side of everything. The authors of the book are its main host and apart from interviews with successful entrepreneurs, they offer facts and insights to help stir up your brain. Definitely something worth listening to if you’re looking for some fresh ideas to feed on.


This Week in Startups

Think of this podcast as the official newspaper of the startup world. It offers the latest news and updates on startups so if youneed to have this info at your fingertips, it’s a must-download.


Jocko Podcast

This podcast is a great source of inspiration and it comes from retired Navy Seal Officer Jocko Willnik. In each episode, he talks about lessons that not only business owners will find valuable, but any regular person looking to make an impact on the world. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in need of some motivation!


Entrepreneur on Fire

Hosted by John Lee Dumas, an American entrepreneur based in Puerto Rico, his daily podcast interviews all kinds of entrepreneurs! Not only do you get insights and lessons which you can apply to your business but John is completely transparent as well. This allows listeners to get a complete look on how he manages his business so you can come up with your own strategies!

Listening is Key

In today’s day and age where information is easily accessible, it’s important to filter out the noise. That’s why refrain from hearing and instead, try to listen. This means that taking in the necessary information you need and applying them wherever necessary. With these podcasts in your playlist, you’ll definitely be able to get some valuable lessons which you can use on your own business!