Best Websites for Free and Stunning Stock Photos for your E-Commerce Business

Creating a stunning, attractive, and down-right gorgeous website can be a daunting task for any e-commerce business. You want to make sure it captures your brand visually and gives your audience an experience that supports whatever it is your business offers. Big companies who can allot a huge budget to the development of their website may have no problem with conceptualizing and executing their design but not everyone owns a big company. Some businesses work within a budget reasonably so. Every business has to start somewhere.

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges a web designer goes through when creating a website are the assets that they will use. As previously stated, not every company has the budget or resources to have a photoshoot and produce high-quality stock photos. More than that, not every company has the budget or resources to purchase stock photos through the internet. Like most consumers, businesses like free stuff. Seriously who doesn’t like free stuff? That being said, let’s go through some of the best websites where you can download amazing stock photos for whatever product, service, or campaign your website will be promoting.


Simply put, Pexels provides high-quality imagery for you to use without any legal complications. Whether it’s for personal or commercial use, you are guaranteed you can use any submitted photo you download on Pexel for free. Why you may ask? It’s because each and every photo you find on Pexel is licensed under Creative Commons Zero. If you want to learn more details about Creative Commons Zero, visit here.

Anyways, you can find all kinds of photos on Pexels such as sports, business, romance, still imagery, and so many more kinds of subjects. To be honest, the best way to really see all its glory is to visit the website yourself.

A line in the FlatIcon’s website clearly says what the website is and it does it so simply well. Flaticon is basically the largest database of free icons which are available in different formats such as PNG, SVE, EPS, and PSD just to name a few. What makes FlatIcon so good is the sheer number of available icons. Whether you need a tree to represent your company logo or a vector file of Facebook’s logo for a mockup, FlatIcon has got you covered.

With over 1.3 million images and videos available, Pixabay is a great source of free stock photos. Similar to Pexels, all submitted content is licensed under Creative Commons Zero so you won’t have a problem using them for your promotion materials. You can thank the generous community for submitting the content for you to use!

Design away!

Now that you have a free source of stock photos, you have no reason for the website of your e-commerce business to be ugly! All that’s left to do is to pick the right photos to clearly communicate what your brand is all about. So go ahead and download as many photos as you want because there’s nothing or no one that can stop you!