5 Ways to Improve Your Presence Online

If you want to be ambitious in business, you need to set yourself apart from your other rivals. You can achieve this by exploring every opportunity available and also creating your own opportunities. One way you can create your own opportunities is by having a strong presence on the web. This is not just having a website and Facebook page, these are only the firsts steps in growing your presence.

Below are five points I have found effective in growing my presence online.

  1. Social Media – It is not practical to be maintaining 5 different social media platforms at once, so just target a couple of platforms where you know you have a large audience. Post content that is not only about your product or service, but also offer tips and talk about news in your industry. A 3/1 ratio is a good guide to start with. (News & Tips/Products & Services).
  2. SEO – I bet you have heard it all before, but implementing an SEO plan is vitally important to your business being displayed anywhere on a search engine such as google or bing. A good SEO plan can take from 3 months to 6 months to see the results you want, and implementing this is not as expensive as you might think. For example, our SEO specialist will work an average of an hour per week on an SEO plan for at least 3-6 months.
  3. Yellow Pages and Trade Me – If your business has a physical address then adding your business to the Yellow pages online directory is a very easy and effective way to get people looking at your business. Even listing a classified on trade me for a service or product is a cheap and effective way to create another presence of your business on the web.
  4. Blog Posting – Write a blog post once every one to two weeks. Write about news in your industry, tips and advice, and new products or services you are introducing (even write about existing product and service). A blog post should be 300+ words and should include keywords and phrases about your business.
  5. Online AdvertisingGoogle Adwords and Facebook/Instagram. This is another way of increasing traffic to your website. Create a campaign with specific targeted keywords associated to your business, setting your demographic and location, and setting out a daily budget. If you target the right keywords and sets the right budget you can generate a lot of traffic to your site.